Things Homeowners Need to Know about Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is a standard household job which helps to maintain your furniture, so it keeps looking like new. Fortunately, there are several products available on the market today which work for cleaning such items as chairs, couches, and other upholstered furniture. The trick is to understand which products to use on what kind of upholstery. Below are some helpful tips which should help you find the right cleaning product for your upholstery cleaning task.

The best upholstery cleaningThe first step with upholstery cleaning is to determine the kind of material which needs cleaning. Upholstery choices are, suede, leather, faux leather, and fabric which is made of natural and synthetic fibres. Some of these are colorfast, this means that they are possible to be cleaned without having to worry about any fading occurring. Other kinds will not be colorfast and could spot if a cleaner that has harsh chemicals in it is used on the upholstery. Determining the kind of upholstery you will be working on will help to identify cleaning products which are designed to clean materials without any blotching or fading.

After identifying the upholstery, it is vital to determine what caused the stain. What works at removing ketchup stains may not work if you have spilled wine, for instance. Grease stains will need a stronger cleaner than the ones used to remove coffee stains. Choosing the correct cleaner to work on the stain will increase the chances of success to remove it for good.

One last thing to consider is how long a stain has been there for. A stain that just happened should be easy to treat since it has not had the chance to sink into the fabric fibres of the upholstery. However, a stain which has been there for quite some time will be harder to remove and could require multiple treatments before it is removed. Understanding how much time will be needed to remove a stain will help you with the patience that will be required to remove it.

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