Why Choose Synthetic Carpets? What’s so Good about Them?

As a carpet cleaning company, we’ve worked with every kind of carpet there is. Synthetic carpets are by far the most popular ones. Some of the most popular materials used for carpeting purposes include nylon and polyester.

spillNylon is exceptionally elastic. It can stretch up to a third of its length and still return to its original size. This makes it especially useful for areas with heavy foot traffic because the material is resistant to wear and tear. It has amazing abrasion resistance. Nylon is excellent in terms of resilience. Also, when it comes to carpet cleaning, it’s pretty easy to maintain. It doesn’t soak up as much water as wool. It takes in less than 8% of its weight in liquid and doesn’t suffer any water damage. Because nylon is not organic mold can’t feed and grow on it. This is one of the reasons why synthetic carpets are so popular. Also, nylon doesn’t rot and decay.

Sometimes, nylon carpets have problems with the dyes. Most of the dyes used for nylon carpets are acid based. That means that when they come in contact with certain carpet cleaning agents, it will lead to various unwanted chemical reactions with very unpleasant consequences. Your carpet could fade away or change colors drastically. This is usually what happens when using bleach, and other chemical cleaners.

Polyester is also a good carpeting material. Like nylon, it’s pretty cheap to make and has some merits of its own. Unlike nylon fabrics, polyester is resistant to bleaching, fading, and other chemical reactions. Like nylon, polyester has an extremely low water absorbency. That allows it to dry quicker than other carpets. It makes it resistant to water based stains as well. This makes the cleaning procedures very easy to carry out.

The negative side of polyester is that it is very susceptible to oil-based stains. Oil spills can damage your carpet beyond repair. The fibers bind with the contents of the spill and the stain can never be removed. That is, unless you call a professional carpet cleaning company.

Whatever your carpets may be, Stainmasters Carpet Cleaning is the cleaning company for the job. We are located in Riverside, CA, so reach us for an appointment at (951) 221-0643!

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